Map of Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport is the largest airport in Andalucia, serving over 19 million passengers annually. Situated 8 km southwest of Malaga City and 5 km north of Torremolinos, it stands as the primary airport in the province of Malaga. With flight connections spanning across more than 60 countries worldwide, Malaga Airport is a crucial transportation hub in the region. Currently, it operates with three terminals and two runways.

Location and Accessibility

Located strategically southwest of Malaga City and north of Torremolinos, Malaga Airport offers convenient access to travelers. Whether arriving or departing, the airport's proximity to major access roads ensures easy transit. Visitors can explore the surrounding areas or head directly to their destination without hassle.

Facilities and Services

Malaga Airport provides a range of facilities and services to enhance the passenger experience. From dining options to shopping opportunities, travelers can enjoy a variety of amenities while waiting for their flights. Additionally, the airport offers parking facilities, ensuring convenience for those arriving by car.

Interactive Malaga Airport Map

Explore the layout of Malaga Airport with our interactive map. Clicking on the Malaga airport map will open a detailed view, providing information on main access roads, parking locations, as well as arrivals and departures halls. Plan your journey efficiently and navigate the airport seamlessly.

Map of Malaga Airport

Map of Malaga Airport