Map of Malaga

You can use this Malaga map to help plan your visits around the province. As you can see Malaga Airport is very central to all areas of the province of Malaga and you can also see from this Map of Andalucia that Malaga is the most central airport for the whole province, so booking your car hire at Malaga Airport makes perfect sense.

Map of Malaga

General facts about Malaga province

  • Surface: 7308 km2
  • Population: 1,517,523.
  • Capital: Malaga City.

Most of Malaga's inhabitants live along the Costa del Sol. The northern part of the province is less populated and stands out due to its nature. The major economic sector in Malaga is the service sector and you will find hotels in abundance. The airport of Malaga is – referring to the passenger numbers – the 4th biggest in Spain.

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