Malaga Airport Parking

If you want to reach Malaga Airport by car, you most probably take the A-7/E-15 Autovía del Mediterráneo and then continue on the Avenida de Velázquez (it does not matter whether you come from Torremolinos or Malaga City). Then you exit onto Avenida del Comandante García Morato where you already see the production halls of San Miguel on the left. You come to a traffic circle where you head straight on and then street signs will guide you to the airport parking.

There are more than 2500 parking spaces at Malaga Airport, divided into 4 sections: P1, P2, P3 and General Aviation parking area. All of them require a fee and before leaving the airport, you have to pay at the parking ticket machine. Below you can see a sketch of the new parking terminal at Malaga airport, it is still under construction but it will become operative by middle 2010.

New parking terminal at Malaga airport

Private Indoor Parking

Parking rates and further information at

Capacity: 800 parking spaces

P2: Express Parking

Location: See map of Express Parking

Capacity: 335 parking spaces

P1 and P7: General Parking

Location: See map of General Parking

Capacity: 1,800 parking spaces

P3: Long Term Parking

Location: See map of Long Term Parking

Capacity: 354 parking spaces

Parking Prices

P1 and P7 Prices
Until 30 minutes 0.023 €/p min
From 31 to 60 minutes 0.037 €/p min
From 61 minutes on 0.030 €/p min
Daily maximum until 4 days 21.30 €/p day
Daily maximum from 5 days on 16.65 €/p day
P2 Prices
First minute 0.916 €
From 2 to 15 minutes 0.061 €/p min
From 16 to 30 minutes * 0.037 €/p min
From 31 to 60 minutes * 0.050 €/p min
From 61 to 90 minutes * 0.090 €/p min
From 91 to 1440 minutes * 0.021 €/p min
Daily maximum 35.70 €/p day
P3 Prices
From 1 to 10 days 8.80 € per day
From 11 days on 4.40 € per day

If you have questions concerning the airport parking, dial (+34) 952 048 849.